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As I have said already in the article about marriage agencies, they often try to improve or correct what a lady has written or said, and often even add something from themselves. This is because they want you to keep on corresponding and spend your money for their services. It makes sense to get some third party to do the translations, who has no interest to forge the correspondence and who could even give you his unbiased comments on every lady you are corresponding with.

If you want one more example, I will tell you about an experience of another client, who acquired a membership with another big American agency that has smaller affiliates agencies in all major Ukrainian towns. He searched and contacted girls through that agency. The girls wrote wonderful letters and my client decided to travel to Ukraine and meet some of them in Kherson and Mariupol. I drove him to these cities. It turned out that the affiliate in Mariupol had written letters for their girls. When we met a girl in Mariupol she said that she wasn't interested in any kind of serious relationship and the agency manager just caught her on the beach in a swimsuit in summer, took some sexy pictures and posted it on Internet. But she didn't mind, since it seemed funny for her and she hoped to learn some English this way. We showed her the letters that my client printed out and brought with himself, and she said that they changed absolutely everything. Besides, she looked much worse than on her Internet pictures. So think about it...

You know, very few ladies have their own computer and Internet access either at home or at work. So the best way to get rid of the marriage agency is to suggest your lady to use an Internet cafe for corresponding with you. There are plenty of Internet cafes in Ukrainian towns, where your lady can access the Internet. Sure, you're wondering now, what about translations? Actually you can find a lot of independent translators on Internet, and it doesn't matter where they are located: in Ukraine, USA, or even Antarctica (sharing accomodation with penguins smile), the principal thing is that they have a computer and Internet access. The translation service is usually provided in one of two ways:

  1. You send your letter in English to translator. Translator performs the translation, and forwards your letter to your lady. Your lady receives your letter translated into Russian at her personal mailbox (there are several dozens of free web-based email providers where she can get her personal mailbox). It works the same way when she wants to send you a letter: she writes it in Russian, sends to translator, translator performs the translation, and forwards you the English version of her letter.

  2. You send your letter in English to translator. Translator performs the translation, and sends the Russian version of your letter back to you. Then you send this letter (already in Russian) to your lady's mailbox. When she wants to send you a letter, she writes it in Russian and sends to you. You forward her letter to translator, he translates it and sends you the English version of her letter.

I can work whichever way you prefer, and if you want to use my services in this respect, please contact me. My rate is only 1,5 American cents per word in personal correspondence. As a translator and interpreter I'm always on your side, I always try my best to translate exactly what is said, and besides I will always tell you if something goes wrong with your lady.

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